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Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Saturday

Maybe I will have to post this on the blog so people will know
why I am moving slower than usual
Jeez- How much slower can I get.

Let me tell you how my ribs feel .. Yes, my ribs, In my usual graceful and
intellectual style, I leaned over to get the yellow pages off of the floor
and the )$&*$^@ computer desk chair decided my ass was to big and threw
me on the floor .. Landing with my usual grace.. I clipped the 2nd chair in the
computer room, with my ribs..
Now they are shades of Walt Disney Throw -Up..
Purple, yellow, green,
black, brown and a strange hint of maroon.
All my years of dance lessons have not served me well.
Now For the Rest Of The Story
On Saturday I was scheduled to take a beading class.
When I did my chair "SWAN DIVE" Serena was quite upset,
wanting to call an ambulance and call Tom home from Wooster.
NO!! NO!!! NO!!!!!
I am fine, help me get up.. Please stand on the 2nd
chair so I can use it to get myself up off of the floor.
Finally , I get up and start getting my things ready for
the class. Serena is NOT thrilled that I am still planning on going.
I did not hit my head or land on my arm, why not go ???
About 45 min into the class, Kitties (the shop owner) peeks
put of her office and yells, "Is Linda Cross Here?""
Well, Yes, I am !!!
Now she sheepishly informs me that she has just called my house and
asked for me .. Serena informed her that I was SUPPOSED to be at
the bead shop for a class. Picture Serena very upset !!!
I told Kittie what had happened earlier, and she decided
she better call Serena back. I ask her to let Serena know that
I am fine, sitting upright and still consious. I should not be so flip about
this because I know she is really concerned. But we all know I have
a very warped sense of self.
Serena did not see the humor in it-- I think after the 1st call from
Kittie , she was ready to call out a search party .
Needless to say, I am fine, Serena has settled down and has
forgiven me for not taking her worrying seriously.
I am slow but I am still pretty tough..
Love ya Serena!!!! (from Ma)
When I'm old, I don't want them to say of me "She's so charming".
I want them to say "Be careful, I think she's armed."


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