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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

1st hair cut and other stuff

Another "fun" day.

We had bubbles in the house and I am working

on saying "bubbles". Mom & grandma understand it,

but I don't think other people do yet. I'll keep practicing.

Mom needs to learn to share!

I wanted to play with HER dominos and

she kept blocking me .

Can you believe how stingy she is ??

Why are Grandma & Granpa laughing

so hard.

Grandpa shares his dominos with me

March 27,2007

Daddy is home from work so him

and Mom said it is time for a hair cut.

What's a hair cut???

Look at this cool firetruck!!

Just like the ones at Grandpa's work !!

This is FUN !!!

Hey, she's really good at this stuff..

Can you believe it--

a fire truck and a movie !!!

What a deal....

I'm loving this truck.


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