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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Okay , so it took longer than I thought to get back to

this .. Deal with it ..

I am FINALLY wearing real shoes again ..

I go back to the foot doctor on the

17th and hopefully I can put the cam walker into the

bag of torture devices.. I figure if I save them ,

I will never need them again

Tom is at the farm this morning ..
It a GUY'S Day 4 wheeler ride.
Fine with me -- It's to freaking hot to
be out there.


Nick and Melissa came over Friday night.
He has been home on leave before
shipping out to Iraq..

It was good to see him..

Please keep him in your prayers and
let him return home soon.

Now for the fun stuff,

More pictures of Jack...


PA !! It's my turn !!!


Do we need the ladder for this one ????


I'll just keep making noise .....

I just need to kick back after working
on that truck all day. I'll just have a drink
and wait for my buddy Ralph to show up.

This my friend Ralph and his Mom, Risa.
She is from Japan. It must be far far to Japan
because they don't go there very much. So I let Ralph
share my Maa & Pa ( sometimes)

My version of dodge ball.
Look at him run !!!!

No, you get out first

My first Oreo and milk dunking lesson.

They don't float very long ...


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