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Monday, September 01, 2008

at home

Finally able to sit up long enough to use a borrowed lap top.
Thanks, Karyn
Let me start this by saying I will NEVER have this
type of surgery done again. This is by far the most painful thingI have
I have ever felt in my life and the fact that the give a shit nursing staff
(other than Mary Ann) at The Arkansas Surgical Hospital has no compassion
will be another factor.
I have been in more than my share of hospitals and I rank this one about
Pretty to look at but that is it.Lets start with small things.Something as simple
as meals. You are given 2 choices -- Take or Leave it .
Since I am diabetic- I was given 1 package of sweet & low
to sweeten my coffee to go with my chocolate cream pie.
And that is where it sarted going down hill. THE "STAFF" put all
of my medsin a shot cup and had me take them all at once -- that caused severe
stomach upset. When they tried it a 2nd time and I refused , they just took
the meds and left. Also, I started taking coumadin they day before surgery


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