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Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday /Monday

I have a case of terminal dry skin with all of this heat and
the A/C running 24/7. I am sooooo sick of listening to
this damn thing droning all the time ..
But I hate to see what life would be without it ..
Today 100 degrees AGAIN-- heat index 113.
I hope Tom takes off at least 1/2 a day again.
It is too freaking hot for him to be working outside.

Tom went to Greenbrier yesterday and then
over to Wooster. Bob the renter gave him 3 bag s of
sweet corn, 4 freezer bags of green beans
and a walmart bag of FRESH flavorful tomatoes!!!
OMG-- I just sliced two of them gave them
a kiss of salt and sat down and ate like a piggy !!!
Now for the
Dream Section
I was very very busy last night ,,
I was in Colorado,and I was getting ready for the
rodeo-- (RODEO- what the hell is that about)
then this faded into me working in a travel
agency that had NO CRUISE BROCHURES, and I
I had chicken in a bag marinading in my desk drawer,
then when work was over, I was giving Jackie ( from the
70's show) a ride home and she let my dog out .
The dog was Strider and the chase was on .
I threw her out of the car and continued the search
on my own and I found him. We went to the circus to
get Tom and then we left on vacation. We were
heading to the train station for a cross country trip.
We boarded the train , settled into our state room and
began to relax.
...First station call ...
We were in Washington and were waiting to board
a seaplane for the San Juan Islands for a
2 day layover for the "storm Watcher" portion of the
trip and then I woke up..
I am pissed,
I did not get to see the storm
and didn't get to finish my train journey
* * * * * * *
Keep scrolling or you will miss the beach pictures
posted on the Saturday things ...


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