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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Surgery and other things

One week from today I will be having my left knee
replaced .. So please say a prayer, howl at the moon,
walk naked in the woods or wrap the white voodoo doll
in happy colors and cushion it from pain.
Do what ever it is you do to make sure this goes
well. I need to get healthy soon.
Jack is getting big enough to go to Disney
and the San Diego Zoo.
I need to be able to keep up with him.
I am very comfortable with this hospital
and I like my Doctor .. Imagine that ,
a Doctor that I don't HATE !!!
Arkansas Surgical Hospital
It seems strange to not hear from Marc this
week. I have talked to Ian, and Beth .
Immediate cause of death:
Severe coronary atherosclerosis
Accute coronary artery thrombosis
Acute myocardial infarction
and add hypertension to all of that.
There will be a "educational fun fund "
set up for Ian , with Serena and Jim (Marc's
best friend) being the overseers of the account .
This money came from Marc's bio father, Kayvan
and from a couple of friends of ours that wanted
to "do something".
The general reason for this fund would be to help
offset cost of "fun" educationl programs.
International Language Village, Space Camp,
Boy Scout Camp, Performing Arts Camp-- you get the
idea .. This is not for Disney World or Six Flags.
One more thing...
On September 27th
there will be a
Get together at our house.
We will be playing darts, dominoes and
maybe some canasta or golf
(The last 2 are cards games)
Please arrive after 5pm and plan to leave
before you are to
tired or drunk to drive.
I will provide , beer, jambalaya,
coke and iced tea.
If you feel energetic. You can bring
something to add the the food and
beverage table.


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