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Monday, July 28, 2008


Yes it is
and it is making people totally
Where do you begin on a day like today???
oh , I don't know ,
How about stupid f'ing DISH TV people.
But lets be honest they were not the ones that set
the ball rolling today - but they basically put the
frosting on the cake.. Oh yes, that would be
the cake that I tried to buy at Wal-Mart - the new and
improved Super Center on HWY 107..
YES, I was stupid, I thought because it was the NEW
SUPER CENTER that things might actually
be different --
NOT !!!!
I got done with my shopping and even
picked up a couple of extras because I
pretty please that you could actually manuever
thru the store .. It was not the typical
junked up dirty Wal-Mart that I am used to seeing
in Arkansas. I even managed to ignore the employees
back in the electronic / linens area that were speaking
Ebonics and blocking the aisle. I still managed to get past
them and pick up a CD by Etta James that I have
really been wanting. On thru the store past produce,
and finally to the check out lines --
this is where you really know
you are in a Wally World..
3 check stands open,
thats right - count them T H R E E !!
Each line had a minimum of 8 people , so I go to
customer service and the mouth breathing , window
licking manager tells me that he
"ain't got no more cashiers".
I suggested that
he get some of the ones from the back that are
doing NOThING . I then explain to him
is lacking in this store and since he could not
find somebody to run the cash registers, he could
just have the cart FULL of stuff that I had in
front of me. Well I triggered a mini revolt
because two other women that had come up to the
customer service area to complain about the long lines
looked at me and said "Great IDEA" and they left their full
carts sitting there also . I know that all of these carts
had perishables in them and I'll bet there are
still sitting there tonight , but don't worry,I am sure that
chicken and milk weill be back on the shelves by tomorrow morning.
Soo , that was the start of another hot miserable fucking
day in Arkansas. Land of the Air You Can Wear.
Then I stop at another store -- A SMALL store and
get a few essentials, including a glass bottle of
pizza sauce.. YOU GUESSED it !!!
I got into the kitchen with it , the bottom fell out of the
bag and I had F'ng sauce all over the place.
Now I am pissed and it looks like there has
been a mass murder in the kitchen.The fucking dogs
are barking ( and shedding) . I am soooo over
having pets .. When these three are gone --
THAT IS IT .. Don't ANYBODY ever bring another
4 legged animal into my house for any reason>
GOT IT !!!!
BTW-- this is not the end of another
day in HELL..
I get home and Tom comes home and open the NEW
bill from Direct TV.. OF course they managed to fuck
up that one car funeral too.
As if I am not in a foul enough
mood now I call DishTV and speak to Mujibur in India.
His name is Brrrruce.
Now you must read this with a Hindu accent:
This es Brrruce- how may I seeervice you ??
First - Is there anybody that has English as a first langauge??
Vhat iss the prrooblem??
The Problem is I have had this service less than a week
and already you people are screwing things up.
How may I heeelp you.
etc etc etc , then Mujibur hangs up.
I call back and have to play 40 freaking questions
with the stupid automated call center again.
This Time , I get Rukmani,and her English is no
better than Brrrruces was ..
WTF-- Why do I have to press 1 for English -
if none of them speak ENGLISH !!!!!
OF course while I am typing this Buddy HAS to go out
and in and out and in.. He is about ready to be
out permanently.
N O W ! ! !
One last thing-- I was watching WE tv and they were
showing some guy from India getting married here in the
USA.. His family paid for a $300,000 wedding.
Where do they get the money? The bride has a $35,000
engagement ring.
Are they taking insurance policies out on Americans
and then tormenting us to death when we call for
tech support or credit card questions or
billing inquiries??


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