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Saturday, September 20, 2008

moving around

For those of you that do not know -- I have switched
therapists. The moron from HellSouth at
St. Vincentswas toooo gung ho and pain inflicting
for me to return there..As soon as my brain is
somewhatdrug free there will be a NASTY
poison pen letter sent to
St. Vincents and to the therapist assocoation.
This is NOT my 1st bad experience with HellSouth.
The ones in Colorado were that same way-- They
don't give a shit about the patient. They just need to
match the "numbers" prescribed by the PTB's at
HellSouthso they can get their monthly bonuses.
I will NEVER
set foot in a HELL SOUTH Facility again.
Thanks to Peggy and Tom for getting me to go see Cathy
I was exhausted after therapy ysterday, but I was NOT
in tears . I have a little soreness today, but I expected that.
On to other things
This has been a depressing 2 months
First we lost Marc in August
then in Sept we have lost
2 cousins. 1st Debbie Beaver and then
Cousin Maureen passed on Friday morning
at about 1am.
Maureen fought a long hard battle , now she is
pain free, just those that are left behind are in pain.
Serena, John and Jack are here.. John will be leaving
for Houston this afternoon. He is scheduled to work.
Serena & Jack will stay with us until power is
re-connected in Houston. Risa & her son Ralph
will be arriving here today.
They returned from Japan and since they have no
power - they will be here for a couple of weeks until
their power is back on also..
They live in the same sub-division as Serena & John.
It will be good for Jack to have Ralphie here to play with.
Don't forget -- we are having "not a birthday "get
together at our place on
Saturday 9/27
5:30 pm
So- stop by and celebrate


Blogger gma joyce said...

Hello cousin.. Joyce here.. I so agree way too much sadness with so many of our young loved ones passing. Marc, Deby, and now dear Maureen.. my husband Paul lost a cousin, Michael only 56 out in Vegas, lived alone not found for several days. His sister and Mother (Pauls Godmother) live in our town. Heart again the villain. What I wanted to pass on to you however, is Paul had knee replacement done 2 years ago, tore his quadricept muscle above the knee 10days later; after emergency surgery was in straight cast for 8 weeks... guess what, he's got plenty of bend in his knee even with not doing any bending all that time. So our experience, proves you don't need to torture yourself.. slow persistent bending on your own will get results too. Maybe therapists will advise not, but Paul's got plenty of bend.. as I told them, he's not entering the Olympic athletes field... he just needs everyday existence. So just wanted to encourage you to keep at it... but I agree, I don't know if aggresive therapists who only go by the numbers is the answer. Good Luck and keep well. I enjoy reading your updates, keeping up with you and your dear family.

9/21/2008 8:21 AM  

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