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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Night

Everything tastes like syrup or pure salt.
Ihave been hot, cold ,hungry, thirsty, puking,
headaches that would kill a grizzly. I have to ask to go pee or poo.
My body itches, my hair smells and I feel like I have sox
on my teeth when I wake up
What a long strange week its been
Where to begin-- hummm
therapy-- another civilized word that inflicters
of pain have assigned to their warped world.
Look moron-- I have had pieces of my body removed with a
saw and then had those pieces replacedwith metal.
No, I cannot bend my knee any miire.. NO, I cannot
walk normal-- If I could walk normal would i be
subjecting myself to the hell you people are
putting me thru??
Guess what asshole-- when I say I have had enough and
cannot do anymore-- LISTEN TO ME !!!
I am done at that point, and there is no more to give.
Do you really think I am enjoying this so called life
I am having right now???
Going to the bathroom is now a spectator
sport.. I cannot bathe myself, I can't get a drink of water
without help from someone. I have been dressed 2 times
in the past 2 weeks. If I need to take a dump
I have to broadcast it to everybody that is present. When
parts of my knee were removed, they also removed ,
my dignity,modesty and humor.
I go to beed feeling like hell and I know that
when I wake up, there will be "maybe" some minimal
So to all of you so called caring therapists,
do your job, ask me to do mine and
stay off of my ass. You will get nothing if you
try to bully me..Well yes you will, you will get me
pissed off and that is not going to do either of us any good
So keep your holier than thou, smarter than the
patient attitude and march up to your local hospital and
ask them to give you the same surgery and lack of nursing
care that I have received,and then you will know the
dread that the patient feels when they see you coming
at us with a clipboard and a terminator atitude.


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