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Thursday, October 02, 2008


Since Tom does not like birthday parties ,
he did not get one this year
BUT, on Sept 27th ( not his b-day)
we had a happy
2600 Saturday party
(Serena's idea, the 2600 Saturdays)
Food was abundant !!
So was beer and wine
and some of the wine
was homemade... YUM !!!
After conversation and lots of food and
Rice Crispie treat cake we
move to the garage and the great dart
tournament was on.
Jack and Ralphie loved being able to run up
and down the driveway. Tom set up the sawhorses,
that way the boys knew where to STOP !!
The boys also had a chance to try their hand a
throwing darts.
I don't have pictures yet, Serena will be
sending them to me in the next few days
and I wil post them for all to see.


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