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Monday, November 17, 2008

a bad day that got better

So for those that don't know ,
while we were in Joliet for Michael and Sherri
wedding I caught some weird
bug.. Go figure ..
Me catching something ...
As slow as I move I am thinking it
must have caught me ..


So after sleeping in the recliner for 3 nights in
a row I called the doctor today.

* * * *

After getting a chest xray I now know that
I DO NOT have pneumonia again,
I do have a cold PLUS a URI
since the chest xray show something a little strange
in the heart area (Yes smart ass- I do have a heart)
now I have to go have a heart ultrasound
done next week. Can't do it this week, because when
I lay done I cough and cough and cough--
so now you know why I have
been sleeping in the recliner.


I ended up with 2 shots, one in each cheek
and 2 prescriptions.. OH JOY !!!


Now for the good stuff!!
I had sopapilla cheesecake
( that I made yesterday)
before dinner!!!

<> <> <> <>

And it is GOooooood


Then we went to Alltel Arena to see
Celtic Thunder perform..

* * * * *

What a show!!!


The 20 min climb up the stairs to the arena
was worth it to hear them do Mull of Kintrye,
Danny Boy , Caldeonia and last but not least
Irelands Call.

Tom got the cd for me -- Now I can hear
these songs when I want to ..

Thank you sweetie !!!

**** **** **** ****

Tomorrow I will post photos from the wedding
and fill you in the Illinois feeding frenzy.
And Even after all of the goodies,
I have lost 2#.. But 2# on me is like
a grain of sand in the grand canyon.
I mean it will take a long long time for
anybody to notice it ..

>< >< >< ><

Oh well- it made me smile for a
split second...

Mr & Mrs Michael Wellwerts


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