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Monday, November 24, 2008

I had a rough rough rough weekend ...
I had that ultrasound done Friday morning --
I'll fill you in on that later..
Fucking unorganized scheduling people really piss me
off and now they know I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT I !!

Friday afternoon my stomach started hurting.. well not
really my stomach, more sternum pain -- then
I developed a pain in my back just below my shoulder
blade-- felt like being stabbed..
I slept all day and all night --only getting up to pee or puke ..
Then yesterday morning ,I got up and wanted bear claws
so we went to Panera.. I got home and about 30 min
after getting back , I started the "PAIN THING" again.
Only this time add under my boob too.. No shortness of
breath Just PAIN. Slept until 6pm last night --
got up ate some Ramen noodles and kept them down..
But then I started belching and farting.. Went back to bed
at 8pm and slept to 4am-- Got up drank a soda and
continue to belch and fart ( man type farts) but a lot
of the pain is gone since I have been burning a
hole in the ozone ..
As for the Man-Farts,
Obviously I am not bitching enough and all of
the excess gas and fumes had no place
to vent . So with all of the unused bitching
backing up- it was causing the pain.


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