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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I hate being here .. I go to sleep crying , I wake up crying ..
Land of self righteous , holier than thou people .
I miss home, I miss MY FAMILY and FRIENDS/
I have nobody but the dogs to talk to and
absolutely nothing to do.
Maybe I really hate me .....
I have triedto make friends here and it
just does not happen.!!
I am soooo sick of being alone .
How did this happen??
I always had friends and things to do and
places to go. Now I have the computer,
the tv and the dogs. IF this is going to be my life
I used to be able to escape in my dreams, but
even those are gone for me .. What is
happening ???
In my next life will I come back as something
to be feared and hunted or will I actually
be here in a more acccepting form?
A form that people will want to be near and
will be included in their life??
I am tired of being sick and in pain.
Here is a reply to this from a friend.I am glad
to know I am not the only onethat is unhappy with my
Hi my friend,
I feel for you my friend, I am kinda not liking it here in Nebraska anymore either. The only people I speak to besides Byron & the boys are all people that I minister to & in 3 years of being here I can't say that I've made any real friends. I've found that the rest of the world is nothing like Bridgeport, it's cold & lonely. We grew up knowing everybody, sorta like a giant Cheers bar, where everybody knows your name, the rest of the world just ain't like that. I am getting very anxious about moving to Indiana & knowing that I will only be a couple hours away from Chicago, real people again!! Praise God!!! Please, my friend don't let this feeling consume you, You are Linda Vega (Cross), nothing beats you down, you are strong & You are loved by those who know you & appreciate you. You are still my idol!!!! I love you, my friend & I miss you like crazy!!! And just think of all the joy Jack brings you, I can't believe he's started pre-school already, time sure does fly!!! Keep your head up, my friend!!!


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