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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas is over and it was a good one
This is the 1st year that Jack understands Santa ..
We made cookies for Santa , but I think that will be
a better project for next year.
Oh well , it was still fun !!!
I have pictures , but am to tired to mess
with them today.
John had to work Christams Day ,but had a late check
in so he was there for all of the Christmas morning
FUN !!!
The gift opening was quite a project!!
Jack would open a gift, then want to play with it .
It took some talking and coaxing to get him to
move on to the next gift.. Gifts were stacked
up taller than him !! Tooo FUN !!
Santa (aka Dad) did managed to get the
most wanted gift . Harvey the engine from Thomas the
Train. Quite a gift considering they are out of production.
Ebay is a good thing !!!
Jack is talking sooooooo much more
and his vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds .
PLUS , now he can do some math
1+1 = 2
1+2 and 2+2..
Pretty good for a boy that will not
be 3 until the end of next month.
John is working on the math thing with him
Jack is sooo lucky to have
wonderful patient parents.
Of course I came home with a cold or sinus infection,
won't be sure what it is until I see the doctor .
Thanks to Tucker for taking care of the fur babies,
so that we could enjoy Christmas with
Jack, Serena & John
Serena had friends over Christmas night
and it was nice to sit and talk and laugh.
They have made some interesting friends since
moving to Texas.
This is it for tonight .. I need to
get another load of laundry in and
then hopefully some sleep.


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