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Thursday, January 01, 2009


Jack's vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds
Some holiday examples
I went into ULTA to get another bottle of
Prime time and I also picked up a couple of tubes of flavored
chap stick like lip balm.
I opened the Hot Chocolate flavored one and gave it to Jack
from the back seat--all i heard was
So much for flavored chap stick
Then one evening Jack was palying around under Serena's peasant
type skirt. (He acts like it is his personal tent)
He pats her on the butt -- then gives her a quick kiss
and then for his finale` -- he starts slapping her
on the butt saying
Maybe an anatomy lesson is in order ??
Ahhh the story of Maa Juice
for those that do not know-
Jack calls the Sierra Mist that I drink "Maa Juice"
Well one evening he is in the kitchen with Serena and
I am in the living room and
this is what I hear.
Mom, can I have some Maa juice??
in a min- when I get done here
I said , when I am done
MA--I want maa juice
can i have maa juice now ?
Jack, Please give me a minute to finish the dishes
This went on for about another 10 exchanges of this conversation
Serena finally finishes what she was doing and gets
a glass to pour him so maa juice.
He looks at her and asks
What are you doing ???
she replies, getting your maa juice
he says to her
Oh I forgot !!


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