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Thursday, January 01, 2009

re: blog changes

Just a few of the replies when I was thinking about making the
blog private and then decided not to change a thing about MY BLOG
respected your opinion even though it is different then mine
at times. If they really knew you they wouldn't be so dam defensive.
I love you, I am glad you are doing better
And I hope you have a happy and healthy new year!!
P.S. I enjoy all of your blogs!!!

LINDA!!!!You didn't send the linky thingy
Thank you.
Karen Hon

Hey Lady,
Loved the blog today!!!!! Anybody who knows you AT ALL
better love and respect your honesty. If not, they aren't worthy!!!
Behind you ALL THE WAY!
Love Ya,Beck
Glad you decided to keep YOUR blog as it is. It’s good we all have
varying opinions and we should all have the right to maintain and
express them, not stomp on someone else’s that doesn’t match.
Sandy H.


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