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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Valentines Day advice for men

Let me give you men a little advice.
Don't show up wearing nothing but a trench coat and
expect a woman to be thrilled.
(No, Tom does not own a trench coat)
Valentines day is about "ROMANCE".
Close your eyes, picture yourself naked, hairy and
underinflated.. Does that say ROMANCE??
I don't think so ..
ROMANCE is not sex,
when you learn the difference that means
you have finally turned into a man.
On Valentines Day , do something for the lady
in your life. Buy her a copy of her favorite book or movie.
Make dinner and clean up the mess, send her to a
day spa for the works.. Some ladies like flowers , send them
to her at work. That way all of her co-workers and friends
will know that somebody thinks she is wonderful.
Short on money ???
Wash her car or tape a note to her favorite
candy bar , the note should tell her how much she
means to you and NOT include a naked picture
of yourself.
Are you getting the picture ???


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