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Monday, May 11, 2009


This has been the day from HELL
* * * * * *
First Tom was feeling blah--well that's not quite right
He was feeling like Hell.. Lot of pain in his back.
He went to work anyway-- at 8:25, I hear the front door
being unlocked and there he is . Looking like HELL.
Pale white, walking almost doubled over.
He went to bed and I threw the down comforter over him
because he was freezing and in intense pain.
We had an appointment at 10:30.
I woke him up at 10:00 - he got up and said
"I feel better , call the doctor and cancel..
* * * *
We get to the Dr. office and the nurse won't even look
at me . More about that later.
They checked Tom out , got their bodily fluids and
sent us home . By the time we got home there was a message ,
that yes, he has a kidney stone. This is not his first
time with this kind of problem.
Kidney stones has a history of rolling around , making a
person wish to be unconsious and then just as
quickly, the stone finds a place to rest for a while and the
pain is gone . Until the next time .
* * * * *
Back to the nurse.. I had requested my medical records on
April 29th.. I called the office on May1-- no they had not gotten
around to getting the letter that I need to see a specialist, or
made copies of my records .Fine -I called back on the 5th--nope
still no letter or files, No I could not talk to the doctor. He does not
talk on the phone .
May 7th- I called again -- "What exactly is it that you need?"
* * * * *
WTF!!! I faxed the info request to you , have called and
all you people have done is blow smoke up my ass. Now I am pissed.
So this morning after the doctor gets done with Tom, we had
a little TALK.
He tell me , I'm sorry you are upset, I told him ,
I am beyond upset,
I AM PISSED and I want my files N O W !!!
* * *
So after we have been home a while they call and say my
files are ready. I get back in my truck and go back to the office.
I start readingthe file (Now mind you, they did not give me
any of the info I had requested, EKG results, echocardiogram reading)
and also states in my file that I have had a hysteroctomy,
(I have not ), that my tonsil are ok ( hmm -didn't realize he had them- since they
were removed in 1969) and that
I am an ANGRY NORTHERNER. What the
hell does that have to do with my medical history??
* * *
So now I am REALLY pissed. Back on the phone and
told that that I wanted the heart test results N O W>
Back in my truck, back to the office and get the results.
* *
I will be interviewing a new doctor tomorrow.
And will be writing a letter to the AMA


Blogger Fairy said...

Good thing you are seeing a new doctor. Sounds like alot of incompetency going on in that office!

5/12/2009 8:35 AM  

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