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Sunday, January 01, 2006


We don't go out on New Years Eve--
after working N.Y.E. for so many years, I have
enough sense to stay off the roads.
To many amateurs out there to deal with.
We had a quiet evening at home and today I am
back to scanning photos-- YES!! I am still at it ,
andTom has started building the bookcases for
my computer room.
We are getting closer to
"BABY BOY Hester's"
birthday ! ! ! !
My sleep pattern has become a real pain in the
ass again. Sleeping pills do not work -
 not even prescription ones.

I am exhausted by mid afternoon- I lay down and

sleep 20 to 30 min --(I wish it would be like 2 or
3 hours)get up exhausted and I still am awake at l
east 4 and sometimes as many as 6 times a night.
Not for long -- just wake up for 15 or 20 min
-- then back to sleep- but it is not restful .
Don't ell me give up the afternoon power naps..
I have tried that too- and all I get is
more tired and even crabbier.
Ahhhh insomnia- sleep deprivation -

chronic sleep disorder--
call it what you want--
IT SUCKS !!!!!


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