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Sunday, April 29, 2007

no more jewelry

I have decided to take a break from making jewelry
My wrist and arm are feeling strange and I do not
want to do anything to put me back where I
was not able to use it .
Sooooo, for the next couple of months
I will have to find something new to do.
Hmmm does going to Texas count
as a hobby????
Yesterday we took a ride to Tennessee. Tom
was looking for a farm toy.
We left early and when we got there is was
like a chinese fire drill. Did I expect any less?
Trying to meet up with this guy was a nightmare..
back & forth - back & forth..
Finally we found him and Tom got to see
the digger toy in action..
He was not very impressed. Oh well it got us
out of the house for the day.
Today he is at Wooster working around there.
He took Foster with him and left the 2 demon
boys home with me ..
I took them out to the back yard and brushed Smokey
because it is that time of year AGAIN.. He is
throwing his winter coat and I wanted to get a
head start on the puppy seeds before they
started showing up in the house. Buddy does not
want to be brushed, so after I finish this, I am
going to try to vacuum him. This should be interesting.
More later


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