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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Yesterday started off GREAT !!
I received a $200 gift card in the mail - so I thought--
hmmmm let me go SHOP !!
I have been wanting a new bedspread
and curtains/drapes - whatever.
So I go to the store where the gift card is from.
No bedspeads-- Only comforters.
I don't want a damned comforter. I don't
want to have to mess with the bedskirt issue,
the perfect centering of the comforter or the
battle over the comforter at night.
Am I the only person in the world that hates comforters??
I don't want a chennille bedspread and that is about all
you can find in any of the stores. What the hell.
This store had tons of comforters but anything
that was $200 was very light weight- flimsy-
not gonna hold up. I found one that
I could live with even if I did have
to spend another $100-- but guess what-
No matching bed skirt ..Oh no-- they are out of them.
No, they are not getting anymore..
So I go back and look again.
I don't give a shit about designer labels,
I just want something nice and not the colors
of Walt Diney throw up or gorilla puke green.
Oh, how about a nice duvet cover,
"Did I say I wanted a duvet cover"
I want a bedspread !!!!!


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