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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day

What we need to do is bring Mayday back in America with style
Mayday is not recognized as a legal holiday,
even though it's one of humanity's oldest celebrations,
predating Christianity itself!
It was originally a pagan holiday, although in the last two centuries it
has also become associated with labor radicals.
Mayday is above all a holiday for everyday working people.
Nobody should work on Mayday!
What you should do, instead, is celebrate!
Take a small basket of flowers and place them on
your neighbors doorstep.
Ring the bell and RUN.
And because Mayday is about human solidarity, it shouldn't be
celebrated alone or in isolation -- solidarity is about human
togetherness -- so you should take the opportunity to celebrate the
holiday with others.
Personally, I think a Mayday parade would be pretty cool tradition to start,
because it gets people out there and allows opportunities for public interaction.
It's light-hearted and fun, and offers people the opportunity to work
together creatively to create something nice.
There were Mayday parades in the US in the late 1800s,
particularly in Chicago. There was considerable working class radicalism
in the US from that period until the authorities began systematically
attacking the working class. These parades exhibited satiric themes of the
time, and were sources of much revelry, which really spooked the ruling class.
The ruling class dominates our
society, they
have more money than ever, they own the media, they
own the government --
but they don't own us!
My sister Karen and her husband KC
I just want to share our photo memories with you.
Yes, I am a photo junkie and Tom supports
my habit by keeping me equipped with
Thank you honey.....

On to other things..

A bit about us ( Tom & Linda)
( well mostly me and my ramblings)
We moved to Arkansas from Colorado and I have felt like
an alien since the first day.
I just do not fit in here--
Being a displaced Yankee (originally from Chicago).
People here treat us like we have a social disease because we
did not jump on the church bandwagon as soon
as we moved here..
We are not Baptist and do not plan
to change our minds anytime.
Locals will some what chit chat - but as soon as they ask
"what Church we belong to" that ends any chance
for further conversation.
Then there are the ones that you meet and they
are your friend when it fits their time frame.
Basically , you are the person they call
when nobody else will talk to them or put up
with the "occasional friend" crap. Well that has come to a halt
also. Screw people that only understand
part time friendships.
Oh well - that is their loss
I still maintain a close friendship with 5 "girls" that I have
known for more years than a lot of you have been alive.
These are the women that I can call at 3am and
they don't say- What the hell is wrong with you - it is 3am!!
These are the women in my life that say - hang on -
let me get to the kitchen
- get some coffee going and we will talk.
They have been thru all of my ups and downs.
1 in Chicago, (Okay, Joliet)
1 in Nevada,
1 in Nebraska,
1 in New York-
1 in Michigan
So miles may separate us physically - but not emotionally.
Two of these friends are younger - but we connected the moment we met.
Age is only a state of mind..
a new website I found ..
Ladies- sign up and see what
is going on in other parts of the world..


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