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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pampering is Nice.....

Photos First..
These are being posted in no
particular order.. So bear with me
and you will show up in here someday...

Some of these old papers and photos are out of
Mom & Grams keepsake albums
Yes, that is an actual V-Mail

On Friday I went for a massage , manicure and
pedicure. Compliments of Serena.
It was nice to spend almost 4 hours doing
but being pampered..
Thank you Serena Bear.

This will be a busy week.
Tomorrow - the dreaded grocery shopping,
plus I am still looking for a bedspread for our
room. Don't even get me on that soapbox again.
Tuesday it is return my books to the
library day and that always takes
a couple of hours.. I just can't turn
in the books and walk away.
Oh no, I have to see what is new..
I have discovered a book moocher website,
This is going to be good- trade my old books
for some other persons old books.
At least I am not buying books every week now.
Speaking of books, I will have to call Serena
tomorrow and see if she every received the copy of
Marley & Me that I had sent to her.
Serena called tonight -- well Jack called-
He knows that if you push the buttons on the
phone then somebody will talk. Only problem,
after we answer , he keeps pushing buttons.
We are about due for a "Jack Fix" - but it will
not be until they come back from California.
John's sister and her husband are coming in from
Australia. This will be the 1st time they will be meeting Jack.


We have a couple of sick puppies, One or two
of them have been vomiting . We know for
sure that Smokey is one -- but the other
two have also had rumbling , grumbling stomachs
for the past two days , So I can't be sure what
is going on. I hope they get over it soon.Poor babies.


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