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Friday, May 18, 2007

Karen & KC's vacation report

F&J were great didn't miss a beat and nothing was tore up.
(F & J are the new kittens - Frankie & Johnny)
Our flight was late then Dollar rent a car made us wait 2 hours for a
car cus they didn't have any.
We were then in the midst of rush hour in construction.
We got to Morocco late and didn't see Mike & Maureen until
the next morning.
I caught a cold on Saturday.
The next hotel had a false alarm evacuation due to
some jerk running around saying that the CO2
tank was under pressure and would blow up . PLEASE!.
It was very amusing as we were evacuated. There just happen
to be a fireman convention at the hotel. It was the most pitiful evacuation
I have ever seen. People meandering out ,going back in.
The firemen on the top floor in the conference room didn'tc ome out, but
they did act like they were sluggin booze from a bottle, then
the shirt went up, then the shirt went off, then the belt got unbuckled.
By then the beers that KC and I had in hand,
(as we were in the bar at the time ,were emptied),
so I spotted a Red Lobster (Yuck) across the highway and
we went over there and had beers until the local department left.
They even called in the Pepsi guru who weighed about 300# and
after the melee was over gave the girls a "little lesson" on the
dispensing guns. All he missed saying was
"Well you know little Missy".
It was entertaining to watch a 300 pounder try
and swagger like John Wayne.
Oh ya ,on top of that right before I left I got a
spot on my left calf that they gave me some cream for,
which did nothing, so the day before we left they gave me
another cream, which I started to use Wednesday night.
By Sunday morning I was a solid rash on both legs that itched and felt
like a severe burn. Quit using it Sunday, called the doctor on Monday.
Went back on Thursday when I got back, now have a new cream that
has stopped the itch and burn, but I haveburns from mid calf to mid thigh,
both legs. My left leg has transformed into an elephants leg, I have no ankle
bones and didn't know that toes swelled up.
I can not wear pants, I will try tomorrow.
So me being thefashion queen have on a long gray skirt, really
nice tho a white shirt and my Hanes anklets with my white tennies
with the green stripe. Oh ya the toes are green from me mowing the
lawn last night.
We did really enjoy theMotorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Ohio.
It was a great exhibit on Motorcross, which KC use to race.Other
than that nothing much going on today.
Gotta run-LK (LK= Love Karen)
PS feel free to share this life adventure with the bored--
Thank you.
Karen Hon


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