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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Possum Grape

Yes, I said Possum Grape
On our mini road trip yesterday we
passed an exit for Possum Grape,AR.
What the hell were theses people thinking?

Drunks trying to say Pass the grape?
I don't get it ..
Some of the strangest names in AR


Bald Knob
Toad Suck Park
Alf, Ben Hur,
Berea, Birdtown, Bloomer, Blue Ball,
Bono, Congo, Cooter, Crows, Fannie,
Fifty-six, Four Gums, Grape, Hicksville,
Hog Jaw, Hog Wallow, Hon, Hooker, Ink,Joy
Marmaduke, Mist, Mt Pleasant, Needmore,
Ozone, Promise Land, Ratio, Romance,
Seed Tick, Social Hill, Stinking Bay,
Story, Stumptoe, Sunshine,
Three Brothers, Tintop,
Tomato, Tongin,
Turkey Scratch,
Twist, War Eagle,
Weiner, Y-City.
And sooo many more ..
Feel free to add ones from your state ..

Now for the daily photo review...


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