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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

They are among us .....

This is out of sequence-- I didn't want
you to think I forgot to post
pictures of my trip to Texas..
My Welcome Home
I just finished grocery shopping--
what a pain in the ass - and I swear the kid that
was running the register must be one that rode
the short bus.
I gave him 3 canvas shopping bags and told him
I would like to use my own bags..
So he puts a plastic
bag inside one of my bags puts 2 nectarines
in it and hands it to me.
Freaking MAROON !!!!!
So I explained it to him again-- in a simpler
form so that maybe he will get it .
"I am trying to cut down on plastic in
the landfills and prefer to use my OWN BAGS."
He asks me -- Where are they? ? ?
By now , I am ready to strangle this kid.
I told him to scan EACH item- and hand it to me
and I would bag it myself- so now he is really confused
he wants to put each item in a PLASTIC bag and
then hand me the bag.
What the hell am I speaking YANKEE AGAIN ??


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