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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Home From Texas

I am home from Texas, it is rough leaving Jack & Serena,
but it was time for me to get back home.
I am sooooo happy that they are in Texas,
one short flight and I am there to share
Jack's daily wildness.
He does not play with toys,
he stands on them , or will try
to take them apart to see how they work.
Everything is to be pounded, or thrown.
Jack has one speed- it is " WIDE OPEN".
He keeps Serena very very busy !!!
New Words:
Guava, Grandma,down down,more,
puppup,yummmm,and a couple others that
I cannot remember right now .
He loves hot tamales with sour cream
I arrived on Friday and we were
invited to a pool party on Saturday .
Some of Serena & John's friend have
this beautiful pool in their backyard.
Needless to say
Jack was a happy camper!!
Until Serena removed him from the pool.
Then the screaming started.
He is a water baby
Come on in Mom
Let me out of this boat,
I want to be IN the water.


This is more like it!

Floaties are good -

but I am not quite ready for them


Oh no, I have water in my eye,
and it is salt water !!
Don't worry, I am tough,
I can take it .

You said KICK !!!

No, this is not Peyton Manning
but it sure looks like him

remember-- you can click on the photos to enlarge them

More later....


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