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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

How did I miss the announcement that is
was take your whiny, ill mannered
children out to dinner day ??
We went to Red Lobster to use our gift
certificates and I swear every
whiny child in North Little Rock was
atthe restaurant. I realize that
children need to practice their dining out
skills , but I think maybe McDonalds or
Corky's Bar B Q would be a better place
to start them..
The parents need to teach the children
that sitting in a chair is REQUIRED and
then the parents need to teach these
children to use the correct utensil
for different foods.
Nothing fancy--
Just the basics
Spoons are to be used for soups,
forks for salads and main course
and how to hold a knife the correct
way. Not with your elbow up in the air ..
There was a boy about 9 years old that was
eating salad with a spoon, and it looked like
the child took his dining skills class at a
local prison.The child had the spoon
in a fist grip and was shoveling in food
faster than he could chew.
What did the parent do??
Also , if your child is whining, screaming
or talking in a voice that could be heard
over the sound of a jet, you might want
to teach themto use an quieter voice
when in a restaurant. And if your
6 month old is screaming, do us all a favor
and take the child outside or to the
restroom until the child settles down.
Some of us actually like to have
conversations with the person we are
dining with, and your screaming kid makes
it almost impossible .
I am not anti - children--
I am anti -misbehaving children
I don't blame the children
I blame the parents with the give a shit


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