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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

11 months and 1 week

That is how old our Sharp tv is -- the one that was working
fine and then the picture went down to the
size of a pin head..
Fortunately - we found the receipt.. then the
journey into the forbidden land of "WARRANTY"..
First you get to TRY to talk to somebody at Circuit City--
instead you spend 10 min pushing buttons that
will get you cut off.
Call back again - try a different set of buttons-
get cut off AGAIN-- 3rd time , I pressed all
of the WRONG buttons and got to
speak to a young man named Marc.
He gives me a call record number and tries
to switch me over to SHARP-- Sharp cuts me off.
Fortunately Marc had given me the 800# for Sharp
before we ended our conversation..
Same crap-- push a button and wait until
the recording goes thru about 8 options-
You cannot push option 2 until all options are heard..
Finally get to the warranty department..
Get yet another recording that tells me that
reps are busy and my approximate wait time is
going to be 26 min.
I'll call back later
Later I called back and this time it took approx. 12 min
to get thru-- only to be given a REF# and the phone
number of a warranty service center in my area..
This morning I call the warranty place at 8:30 and
a live person informs me that they do not open til 9am.
Why did she answer the phone???
So I leave my name and number -- only to not have
my call returned.. I call them back at 10:15-- Now the
warranty guy will be out Thur-- between 11am & 2pm..
Not thrilled but it was better than the original
between 11 &4..
That WAS NOT going to happen..
Then they call back and change my time from
9am - 11am --
MUCH better..
Now if they will just fix this or give me a new TV --
either one -- I don't care..A warranty is a good thing--


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