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Thursday, September 20, 2007


I am finally getting around to updating the blog..

I have been reminded that nothing new has

been posted in a while,

so here goes.


We left for Reno on Sept 6 -

spent a night in Houston

at Serenas. Flights just worked

out better that way.. When you fly stand by -

you go when you can.

Jack was very happy to see his Grandpa


Friday morning Bob & Linda picked us up at the

Reno airport and we were off to breakfast.

That was a good thing , because my

banana and muffin breakfast was

wearing very very thin. .

Later Linda & I went to a bead shop,

oh yes, I got in trouble there. But I have

some beautiful new beads to work with.

Saturday we went to dinner with some of

their friends . It was nice to finally put a

face with the names. AND it was very good

to have all you can eat King Crab legs. YUM !!

Our trip was over way to soon and we were on

our way back to Houston.

Spent the night at Serenas again and had

another night with Jack. I am wondering if she

feels like she can drive to the airport blindfolded??



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