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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

multiple things ....

Found this website today and thought it might
come in handy for some of us..
Free, personalized websites that support and
connect loved ones during critical illness,
treatment and recovery.
Family Matters--
Maryanne called yesterday,
Beryl was place in hospice. Dennis is in
a complete melt down and I don't think
the whole thing has hit Mare yet..
Tom is scheduled for knee surgey
on March 21.
Will keep you posted on that one.
I hope he takes more time to heal
this time.. The guys at the FD don't seem
to understand what "LIGHT DUTY" means.
If I have to reinstate the *BMW Club
to keep him home for a few extra days - then
I guess I will do it ..
*BMW- Bitch,Moan,Whine
Cathi had cervical spine surgery-
All I know is she is out of surgery and recovering
Yes, I am still fat , can't lose weight
and am very frustrated. I don't
know what to do. I am so fed up
with all of this..
Hmm strange choice of works.. fed up...
My biggest problem- well one of
the problems.. I can't lose weight
because I am in pain 24 / 7.
My knee are ALWAYS hurting.. Feels
like somebody driving nails into my kneecaps.
With this pain I can't exercise.. And we all know
you have to be able to exercise to lose weight.
So I am in a catch - 22.
Can't lose weight because I can't exercise
Cant exercise because the knees are so bad.
WTF !!!!
I am sooooooooooo sick of this ..


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