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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Update from Karen

Talked with Cathi, she is home and doing fine.
She said that the pain she's had for years is gone
and now just has the pain of the surgery itself to get
over. She has a neck brace thatgives electrical
impulses at the incision site.
She didn't remember that I had called over the weekend.
It was funny,
she was wondering why I hadn't called---
Good Drugs!
Also I have passed my physical and re-took the ASVB
test last night 3hours. Thank God they just informed
me on Tuesday afternoon. I freak out on testing.
I have been so busy with Anna being gone from work
on a family emergency I didn't have time to freak. I'll
find out next week my scores and then soon as the paperwork
is complete I am back in.
I will be going to a unit in Boulder!
Hey I get to leave the country and go to the
Republic ofBoulder once a month.
I shan't forget my passport, wouldn't
want to be kept there.
I don't smoke dope and I think I'd look
funny in drealocks and eat vegan.

Gotta run Love to all
LKThank you.


This is my reply to Karen

You -- VEGAN !!!! hahahahaha

Not in this lifetime .

As for going to the Republic of Boulder-

Land of the Unshaven pitts & legs

Think of it as a trip in a time machine.

Come with me thru the hanging glass beads
to the place where you can wear your water buffalos,



Your dreads are welcome and the hummus

is fresh. Let the alternative music lift you and

carry you away .. Wait - that is not music ,

that is smoke lifting you. Oh wait, you really

are not drifting , that is just my vision of you .

Oohhh hear the meditation chimes.

Time to cleanse your chakra.


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