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Monday, June 09, 2008


JUNE 2008- 1st day at Gymboree

Me and Dad at Gymboree school.

Mom was there to -- taking pictures


Dad & Mom say I am very good at this .. Give me a couple

of weeks and I will be waaaay better


I love this place !!! Mom

thanks for finding this palce for ME !!!


I get to run, climb, flip, and be a boy

(I think Dad likes this place tooo)


If he would let go of me-- Jeez, I been

practicing for 3 minuets now .

It's a bird , It's a plane



We had to find the hidden
bananas to feed to the monkey.
That was a fun game too


Let me go--

I have more tumbling to do ..


This will build my muscles ..

and attract the chicks .


Hi Monkey


I got this monkey eating outta my hand


WOW-- She must use Gazilion bubbles Yep, these are the same kind of bubbles that I have

at Maa & Pa's in Arkansas


(keep scrolling)

June 2008
It is very hot in Texas!! Sometimes my mom & dad
let me go swimming 2 times in ONE DAY !!!


See the snakes in the pool with me ???

The End


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