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Sunday, July 20, 2008

News Bulletin

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen
This has to be the news event of the decade.
I know that some -- no no MOST of you are going
to find this
hard to believe, but today Gerald Tucker was
in a pissed off , hate the world mood.
Yes, this reporter actually saw this phenomenon.
I have been told that this is probably one
of the few rare sightings of a
pissed off Tucker-- You know it ranks right up
there with sighting a Unicorn or a southerner
that doesn't like BBQ.
Unfortunately , there was not a camera in sight
so there are no ACTUAL PHOTOS of the pissed of Tucker.
I will have to keep a camera in my purse so that the
next time the rarity is spotted it can be photographed.
Until then, you will just have to imagine the sight.
Hey Tucker , Thanks for unloading the few cans of
coke out of the back of my truck.


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