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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'll be sooo glad when we are done with the Wooster House.
* * * * ** *
Every weekend
It is getting O L D !!!
* * *
Start one project and something else needs to be fixed.
Get that fixed and notice that the ceiling is sucking
paint like a sponge. So Tom has to paint it AGAIN.
The kitchen walls are no better .
* * *
He had Jerry out because of the A/C
The damn thing had him baffled too
They finally figured it out and guess what??
YEP, More $$ to get more parts
* * *
This house is now up to about $2000
cost for repairs and so on,
plus the amount of hours Tom has had to
put in out there .
Paint, ceiling repair, tear old ugly sagging cabinet out,
buy new cabinets , hang cabinets,
parts for a/c , repair man for a/c, old dishwasher out ,
new dishwasher in, buy auger to dig post holes , dig hole for
fence posts , buy fence post, install fence posts,
need to get gate .
Buy copper for leaking propane tank, dig trench to bury
copper, find out copper flanges is wrong size, buy flange kit,
lets not forget buying new hoses for dishwasher , since the
freaking mice have chewed up everything they can get their nasty
little teeth on , 12 containers of d-con to get rid of critters ( again).
Now let$ not forget about the amout of propane that
was lo$t due to the leak ..
My contribution to all of this has been mowing the yard
again and again and again. Washing walls and cabinets ,
painting cabinets, washing curtains and rehanging them.
I am useless when it come to lifting or carrying.
I am going to get out there this weekend and trim
those damned pine trees on the property line .
They are taking over everything !!!
* * * * * *
Owning a rental house , PRICELESS??


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