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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a long strange trip ...

I wish I knew how to put music on this so I could add the
cd that Serena burned for Marc's memorial service .

* * * * *

Marc is finally home ...

The day at Rocky Mountain National Park
was a beautiful ,cool and somewhat windy day.

* *

Marc's best friend Kevin told me that he and Marc
used to hike not to far from the valley where Marc's
ashes were released. It was a difficult day for most
of us .. When it came time to stick my hand in the bag
and grab a hand full of ashes to return Marc to
the only place he ever felt like he had a home, I had
a hard time letting go.

Also in attendance -Serena, Karen, KC, Kevins kids ,
NaDonya(14),Johnathan(12) and Natasha (11)
Cathi, Teresa,Lily, and Rose ( a friend of Lily's)
Christi-- a long time friend of Marcs
and Becky, another old friend.

(If I forgot anybody- I will correct this later)

It was soo good to see Bec.. Damn , it

was GREAT to have somebody to talk to and laugh with !!

She came back to Karen's later with her boys

OMG -- her oldest Zack, could double for Ashton Kutcher

and her youngest , Logan is a real cutie and what great

kids they are .

I would not have expected anything less from Becky !!!

* * * *
Kevin's oldest daughter ,NaDonya made chocolate chip cookies and

brought the to the ceremony.. She thought we might need

comfort food . What a thoughtful thing to do !!!


Karen & KC have friends that raise birds and gave them
doves to release in honor of Marc..

Thanks toPatti and Randy for the beautiful sight !!

After we left the park, we went to lunch and then back to Karen & KC's

house for the evening and a BBQ dinner later.

We sat around telling Marc stories, well almost all of us had a Marc story.

I'll leave it at that .
* * * * *

I'll have to finish this later-

blogspot won't let me add anymore pictures right now ..


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