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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sick Bastard

I don't know who the sick bastard is that came up with this
prep drink for a colonoscopy, But He /She should be
made to drink this foul smelling cousin of dish soap
every day of his/her life !!
* * *
This HalfLytely sludge
smells like an old slimey pond that has
been laced with flat 7-upflat
* *
As if going without even a piece of toast since 9pm last
night(Tuesday nite) wasn't bad enough, all I get is
this slime in a cup.
8 ounces every 10 min.
It is now 6:45 Wednesday and I will get
NOTHING solid until
11am tomorrow ..
* * * *
Not nice to screw with a diabetic this way.
Beef bouillon my ass..
Puked that up pretty quick.
Okay lets try the chicken..
YUK-- but lost only about 1/2 of it .
* * * *
No meds today - so I am a bit shakey
and a whole lot bitchy.
* * *
This won't be happening again .
I cannot believe that Tom went thru
this 3 times and did not kill something
or somebody.


Blogger Fairy said...

yuck! how come you have to have that done?

5/28/2009 9:21 AM  

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