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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

FedEx and Werner trucks

* * *
After this, then sometime today I will get around
to posting pictures from Texas.
! ! ! !
Professional drivers my ass !!
At least 1/2 of all truck drivers are
using cell phone while driving .
Yesterday on our trip from Texas to Arkansas,
I witnessed some of the worst drivers in the universe.
* *
1st real eye opener
* * * *
FedEx tandem trailer
Driver ways all over the road , in our lane ,
off on the shoulder. What the hell!!
Maybe FEdEX needs to train these drivers again
or make sure the one with the tandems actually know
how to handle this much power and weight out on the road ..
But the 1st prize goes to the WERNER driver
You know the blue trucks that are all over
the highways .
Well Werner boy was weaving and using both lanes
so finally Tom had the opportunity to get around him
and took it .. As we were going by, I wanted to make sure there
was a human driving not a goat or a robot. I could not use
jackass as an example , because clearly there was a
jackass at the wheel.
This man actually had a book laying on the steering wheel
and of course the cell phone that he was holding between his
head and his shoulder. What the hell!!
Was he reading a book to somebody on the
other end of the phone !!
* * * *
We were already past this offender or I would have gotten
the trailer number and called it into WERNER.
* * *
These companies need to be held accountable for
the drivers they hire .


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