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Friday, May 22, 2009

My dad is home from work and we are going to the SPORT STORE
I have been to the golf store - but this must be something new

( See the cool shades my Maa & Pa got for me ?)


Peace Out

Soo this is what you get from a sport store ?!?
These shoes are H E A V Y !!

My Dad says he used to skate
and hit a puck on the ICE.
What's a puck???




Okay, I'll try to walk in these strange
ice skating shoes .

WHOA-- look at me ,,
I CAN stand in these !!
Where's the ice ??

I need to find 5 more guys ( or girls)to
lace up and hit the ice with me .
( No this is not me and my Dad- but
I think you will be seeing picture like this of
us pretty soon.)

I am not sure what these hand signals mean,
but I have seen other people use them when something
is not quite right .


I'll keep ya updated
on my progress if I ever
see any ice in Texas.


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