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Sunday, August 08, 2010

We went to Memphis yesterday

We got up yesterday morning and decided to
have a "do nothing " day.
That is a day that you get in the
car and have no set plans -- You just GO
We ended up in Memphis
on Beale Street
*************** ******************
We drove past the Pyramid
and I got this picture .
Kind of hard to see, but this is one
of many statues of Elvis
in and around Memphis. No, we did not go to Graceland .
We did that about 10 years ago , because
even tho Tom grew up so close to Memphis, he had never
been to Graceland .

Looking down Beale Street-
For those that have not been,
the Blues Clubs take up about 2.5 blocks along with restaurants and
junk stores and little store fronts selling frozen drinks.

There were a couple of young kids doing street
tumbling .. They were amazing!!


Hotel Chisca
Preservationist are trying to save this old hotel.
Tearing down this hotel would be slap in the face of Memphis'
music history and also to Elvis Presley
and Dewey Phillips
Do a search on Hotel Chisca to getthe whole story


We have no idea what they are planning for this building.
Surprisingly, there people still conducting business
in the ground level storefronts


If you click on this picture to enlarge it , you will
see the employee sitting on the counter. If somebody needed
a frozen Marg or other spirit of choice , she would hop down ,
pour the drink then hop back up on the counter*****************************
We stopped at BB King's Blues Club for Lunch.
The gentelman in the black hat is 87 years young
and plays in the local blue band.

Another view of the inside of the club



Blogger gmajoyce said...

We did go to Graceland quite a number of years back... Pauls big Elvis fan. Won Elvis contest several times... his attitude I think more than the looks he tried to imitate...though we were younger and he could carry the look then. haha. Was a nice trip. Hard to say what might be different about the place these days.

8/12/2010 4:35 PM  

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