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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh JOY !!!!!

Oh Joy -What a fun filled action packed day already!!!

I cleaned out the FREEZER

2 bags of Crap !!
(of course since it is still in the 90's
I will have to store these bags in the BIG FREEZER
until next trash pick up day)

* * * *

Frozen burritos that John bought ( use by April 2010), 3 lean cuisine
a bag of talapia from last year, ice crusted Italian sausage that was
buried in the back of the freezer behind the 5 bags of
frozen hash browns and french fries and frozen grapes.

* * * * *
I can not longer eat frozen grapes unless
somebody peels them for me - I don't see that happening.

^ ^ ^
5 half banana popsicles (yes they are melting in
the sink as I type, a package of
something mysterious marked 2006 that
I am not brave enough to open,
9 freezer packs for in the cooler
and last but not least coffee beans, 3 bags of coffee beans.
I have not had a bean grinder for 3 years .
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
I am keeping the frozen potatoes, Boudain sausage, 4 pounds of bacon,
beef pot roast, peanut butter cups, the frozen veggies and the
strawberries from late spring.
* * * *

Oops, almost forgot to mention the 2 pkgs
of Oscar Mayer hotdogs
and the 200ml
bottle of
Tequila Rose


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