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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 3 on meds ....

I am on day 3 of the meds.. still feel like crap - and have now found some
other things that are annoying the crap out of me ..
I feel like I have a small water balloon in my chest,
when I roll over - it makes me cough ,
which makes me get out of bed -- you get the picture ..
PLUS , now I have developed some kind of animal concert
in my nose when I am trying to sleep--
At any given time , you might hear , a sea gull ,
a piglet or a goose and I think I sometimes
hear something whistling --
and none of these are musical enough to let me sleep..
So I am sloshing and making weird noises..
I am ready for this crap tp be G O N E ..
The inside of my nose feels like it is on fire ..
My throat feels like somebody has been rubbing it with sandpaper
aaarrgghhhhhhhhhh- hacking , coughing, going back to bed ..
BUT !!!!
First let me tell you about the ongoing TV adventure
Yes , they had to take it in to repair it --ON WaRRANTY
that was last week.. I called on Tuesday -
they were supposed to call me and let me know what was going on.
(They Did Not Call- SURPRISE(
I called them yesterday and was told that is was done,
okay, when will I get it back. Well that is not my department,
and the guy taking care of it is out.
I leave my name, number and receipt number.
Did anybody call me ??
So today I call 2 times and get the same crap.
When Tom gets home , I asked him to call,
they tell him the computer is down and they don't know nuthin'
As you can tell, I must be feeling better , because I think
they by tomorrow I will be ready to
growl and snarl at somebody..


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