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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Make a Wish

All this started out of boredom-- I was looking for
something to do..
Tom goes to the farm on the weekends and it is not something
I want to do every week. A woman can only make so
many bracelets then that gets to be boring and
I have only 2 arms .. So it was time to find something else to do.
I started looking a different groups , and
after much reading and internet surfing , I thought
I would try Make A Wish. A great organization
for children with life threatening illnesses.
I filled out the paper work and submitted my info..
My 1st volunteer experience was on Oct 6th
at McCain Mall.. There was a talent show and 13
of us showed up to help process forms, take pictures.
What ever needed to be done. I told them that
Serena & Jack were visiting and I needed to be out of there
by NOON- there was no problem with that.
This is a good thing because my family will always
come first.
Then on October 20th - I attended the training
to be a Wish Granter. I think I am going to like this .
Sure there is leg work , paper work and other things that go
along, but it is nice to do something for somebody.
On Oct 24- I was given my first assignment !!!
Once everything is set and done then I will tell you
more .. Lets just say-- I am glad I signed
on with Make A Wish.


Blogger Felisha Baquera said...

I'm glad you did, too! You also managed to talk about your experienced without giving away too much information. Another feat that I wrestle with!

11/01/2007 9:09 AM  

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