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Monday, June 29, 2009

The medical profession strikes again .

Once again the medical profession has proven just how
give a shit they are toward patients.
* * * *
Needless to say , I tried 3 different building to find this
cardiologists office . What a JOKE
The buildings in this so called compound have
on THEM..
WTF is that all about .
* * * * *
Finally I stopped and and talked to a groundskeeper
and he told me where I needed to go. He said people are always
spending about an extra 30 min. driving around trying to
find the building they need. He said he will see the same vehicle
loop thru the compound 3 or 4 times before they finally locate the
office they want.
Then once I found the right building , I had to hike thru the
parking lot in 90+ degree heat plus walk UPHILL once
I finally got to the building.
* * *
Only to find the office and see that there were
3 more people signed up for the 10 o'clock slot with the same
doctor . I asked if I was getting as group rate since
it looked like a had a group appointment .
That went right over her head.
* * * *
When I asked why I was not given directions on how to find
this placeI was a blank stare. I almost slapped her.
So again I ask, "Will I see the doctor at 10?"
She could not answer that question either other
than The docotr will see you as soon as possible .
Hell, it took a month to get the appointment !!!
I leaned over - took my paper work out of her hand and
told her that I did not need to deal with an office that
books patients like the airlines . Overbooking just to cover
any no shows. That to went over her head.
* * * * *
If more people would walk out of doctors offices when they are not being
treated with respect and in a timely manner this crap would end.
<> <> <>
I don't care how many I have to see until I find one that will
schedule me and only me for an appointment .
I am tired of being treated like
a number and a $$ sign by these medical groups.
* * * *


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