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Thursday, June 25, 2009

more of the same

Ian called me last night .

He just wanted to thank somebody for

doing what his Dad wanted done . He was also asking about

Marc's jacket. I told him that his Aunt Karen would be mailing

it to him soon. I am glad he called , I know

what it is like to be young and lose a parent . I was only

6 when my father was murdered . I remember having

so many questions , and did not know where to find

answers. Back then kids were just shushed. So I am really

glad that he is comfortable enough with me to ask whatever

is on his mind. I also talked to Beth for a while .

^ ^ ^ ^

Marc's final resting place,

The valley at Rocky Mountain National Park

* <> * <> * Scenic Shot -- something for Marc to enjoy for eternity

( Doves are in the deep distance)

* * *
Doves about 5 seconds after being released
* * * * *

Hard to see- but the doves are circling back

On to happier things ..

Had dinner with Carol, Gordon & Ashley on Friday night .

It was great to see them again , and have a great

dinner and a lot of laughs .

They are coming to Arkansas next year for a visit .

* ^ *

Carol & Gordon bought a new camper ..


* * * * Side view of the camper

* * *Gordon - inside of the new camper
6 / 19 / 2009
* * * * * *

Ashley & Carol at Karen & KC's


Karen & KC's living room

Loveland, Colorado

June 2009

<> <> <><> <> <>
Now it is time for me to get busy and get our house

straighted up and the guest room cleaned .

Bob & Linda are coming for a visit in July .


They must be NUTS , coming to Arkansas in JULY

So freaking hot here the devil won't even set foot in Arkansas.
< < < < < < <

I told you in my earlier email that Jack is in his

"Don't Take My Picture " phase.

So I had to sneak this picture .

Yes, he is playing living room golf .


Blogger John S. said...

Linda, thank you for posting this. I wish I could have been there.

6/25/2009 2:25 PM  

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