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Sunday, July 12, 2009

And it just keep going on and on

Another chapter in
secrecy , half truths and whatever has passed
Like we really give a shit about a bridal shower in

Bob and Linda will be arriving Tuesday, so I won't be writing
anything until they go back to Reno. Buy then hopefully I will
have some more pictures to add to the blog.
* * *

Nick T. sent a somewhat disturbing facebook message .
I have emailed him and am now waiting for a response. He
sounded very down. I really hope he is okay.
* * * *

I have done "something " to my right leg, I am back
using the walker agian. It is not the knee, it feels like
the tendon or muscle on the inside of and behind
the knee. The entire area is flaming hot. I have stayed off
of it most of today and yesterday.. I hope it heals
on its own.. I am not ready for another battle with
the idiot doctors of Arkansas.
* * * *

Thankfully Tom scrubbed floor and guest bathtub for me .
HE made dinner too.
He really is a KEEPER !!!
What did I do to get so luck??
* * * *

This was taken several months ago.

Jack is pretending to be a puppy .



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