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Location: Arkansas, United States

Sunday, June 21, 1970


I was 15 going on 25 and my parents were forcing me to go CAMPING for our family vacation. Can you believe it , me in the wilderness with no privacy and the nearest phone
more than a mile walk down a dirt (ewww) road.
You have to remeber this was before cell phones and wi-fi ..
Linda ,my best friend in the world has NEVER had to go camping. Maybe if I was mexican like her , I would get to stay in the city. I mean come on this stuff was okay in grade school - but NOW !!! Plus the bugs like my hairspray .. Eeewwww- Without it , my hair will be flat!

So there I was cooped up in the family station wagon heading for the wilds of Missouri and being forced to listen to my sisters bicker over who would get to ride in the "way back" of the station wagon. I think they should have both been tied to the roof.
Unfortunately my parents would not agree to that , but come to think of it , they didn't think much of many of my ideas. They did not agree when I told them I could learn more by living than by sitting in a stuffy class room with a teacher who could give a rats ass if any of us even appeared for class. My theory was, I would quit school and hitchhike across the USA and probably Canada & Mexico too. Boy, you could have cooked shrimp with the steam that was boiling off of those two.Jeez, get a grip people . It is the 60's.

We get the the campground -- OMG-- what is this - I have to shower in a brick building and there are no doors on the showers.. Isn't there some kind of law against this type of cruel and unusual punishment? What is going on ?? The siblings are not fighting.. They are smiling and playing , how can they be having fun when my life is ending in a brick building with no privacy?Back to the camp sight .. Tent is up, fire is going and mom & dad are smiling and mom is singing to herself .Are they really loving this?? Or are they going to get up in the middle of the night and just leave us here? Okay, I am NOT going to sleep, because I am NOT raising 2 kids . Mom makes dinner on some strange contraption that fills in for a stove and we all sit on a wooden bench to eat. The food is good-- she is a miracle worker.. Then our dad- says , lets play volleyball.. What is he thinking ?? Then the others that have been forced to this place will know I also have parents. Oh no , I am not falling into that trap.. If the others think I have parents, they won't talk to me ..

DANCE DANCE DANCE -- I want to dance forever .. I go to every dance that I can get into -- I'll dance with anybody that asks and if nobody asks me , I will ask them.. Only if they are a great dancer. If nobody will dance -- I WILL DANCE ALONE..
I have 2 favorite outfits to wear.. One is a kelly green wool dress with long sleeves that buttons all the way down the front , and the other is a brown silk with a black swirl almost asian looking design on it.
Both of them fit like they were made for me .I have a leopard print coat with black fur collar . Of course black stockings and at least 2 1/2" heels.. Only because the parental wardens won't buy me 4" heels. I don't get it ..They have finally agreed that white minx is the color of hair I am going to have.. Maybe beacuse I keep putting peroxide on it to make it lighter and lighter. Better to let me have blond hair that I want or I swear I will turn it BLACK !