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Monday, November 24, 2008

I had a rough rough rough weekend ...
I had that ultrasound done Friday morning --
I'll fill you in on that later..
Fucking unorganized scheduling people really piss me
off and now they know I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT I !!

Friday afternoon my stomach started hurting.. well not
really my stomach, more sternum pain -- then
I developed a pain in my back just below my shoulder
blade-- felt like being stabbed..
I slept all day and all night --only getting up to pee or puke ..
Then yesterday morning ,I got up and wanted bear claws
so we went to Panera.. I got home and about 30 min
after getting back , I started the "PAIN THING" again.
Only this time add under my boob too.. No shortness of
breath Just PAIN. Slept until 6pm last night --
got up ate some Ramen noodles and kept them down..
But then I started belching and farting.. Went back to bed
at 8pm and slept to 4am-- Got up drank a soda and
continue to belch and fart ( man type farts) but a lot
of the pain is gone since I have been burning a
hole in the ozone ..
As for the Man-Farts,
Obviously I am not bitching enough and all of
the excess gas and fumes had no place
to vent . So with all of the unused bitching
backing up- it was causing the pain.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I hate being here .. I go to sleep crying , I wake up crying ..
Land of self righteous , holier than thou people .
I miss home, I miss MY FAMILY and FRIENDS/
I have nobody but the dogs to talk to and
absolutely nothing to do.
Maybe I really hate me .....
I have triedto make friends here and it
just does not happen.!!
I am soooo sick of being alone .
How did this happen??
I always had friends and things to do and
places to go. Now I have the computer,
the tv and the dogs. IF this is going to be my life
I used to be able to escape in my dreams, but
even those are gone for me .. What is
happening ???
In my next life will I come back as something
to be feared and hunted or will I actually
be here in a more acccepting form?
A form that people will want to be near and
will be included in their life??
I am tired of being sick and in pain.
Here is a reply to this from a friend.I am glad
to know I am not the only onethat is unhappy with my
Hi my friend,
I feel for you my friend, I am kinda not liking it here in Nebraska anymore either. The only people I speak to besides Byron & the boys are all people that I minister to & in 3 years of being here I can't say that I've made any real friends. I've found that the rest of the world is nothing like Bridgeport, it's cold & lonely. We grew up knowing everybody, sorta like a giant Cheers bar, where everybody knows your name, the rest of the world just ain't like that. I am getting very anxious about moving to Indiana & knowing that I will only be a couple hours away from Chicago, real people again!! Praise God!!! Please, my friend don't let this feeling consume you, You are Linda Vega (Cross), nothing beats you down, you are strong & You are loved by those who know you & appreciate you. You are still my idol!!!! I love you, my friend & I miss you like crazy!!! And just think of all the joy Jack brings you, I can't believe he's started pre-school already, time sure does fly!!! Keep your head up, my friend!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here are a few of the pictures from our weekend in Joliet


Sherri & Mike


Marty & Teresa
Father & Mother of the groom

The Church
Jack in his first big boy tie
(He did not like it )
Mike & Sherri took dance classes
and for their 1st dance they
broke into a full SWING dance and had some of the
bridal party join in at the end.


Sherri, Michael & Serena

Grandma Hope and Sue dancing the night away

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>
Sunday afternoon, Beth & Ian joined us at the hotel for
a swim and for pizza..
Sooo good to see them again..

Monday, November 17, 2008

a bad day that got better

So for those that don't know ,
while we were in Joliet for Michael and Sherri
wedding I caught some weird
bug.. Go figure ..
Me catching something ...
As slow as I move I am thinking it
must have caught me ..


So after sleeping in the recliner for 3 nights in
a row I called the doctor today.

* * * *

After getting a chest xray I now know that
I DO NOT have pneumonia again,
I do have a cold PLUS a URI
since the chest xray show something a little strange
in the heart area (Yes smart ass- I do have a heart)
now I have to go have a heart ultrasound
done next week. Can't do it this week, because when
I lay done I cough and cough and cough--
so now you know why I have
been sleeping in the recliner.


I ended up with 2 shots, one in each cheek
and 2 prescriptions.. OH JOY !!!


Now for the good stuff!!
I had sopapilla cheesecake
( that I made yesterday)
before dinner!!!

<> <> <> <>

And it is GOooooood


Then we went to Alltel Arena to see
Celtic Thunder perform..

* * * * *

What a show!!!


The 20 min climb up the stairs to the arena
was worth it to hear them do Mull of Kintrye,
Danny Boy , Caldeonia and last but not least
Irelands Call.

Tom got the cd for me -- Now I can hear
these songs when I want to ..

Thank you sweetie !!!

**** **** **** ****

Tomorrow I will post photos from the wedding
and fill you in the Illinois feeding frenzy.
And Even after all of the goodies,
I have lost 2#.. But 2# on me is like
a grain of sand in the grand canyon.
I mean it will take a long long time for
anybody to notice it ..

>< >< >< ><

Oh well- it made me smile for a
split second...

Mr & Mrs Michael Wellwerts

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Day started good

I was having a pretty good day

starting to get things ready for our Chicago trip..


I sat down to take a break and eat some lunch
and decided to clear out all of the saved
phone messages on my voice mail.
I should have left the messages alone !!


On our voice mail you have to listen to each
message before you are given the option to save or delete..
4 or 5 messages from Jack-- all saved again
then there was Marc,
telling me about the new job, it was a lateral move
but it was a job until something else came along .

The tears started flowing ...

why hadn't I save other messages
from him.. The funny ones .
No I did not delete it

My Mother
My Grandmother
Me ...
Us at Karen's wedding