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Monday, April 30, 2007

Jack Update

I thought I would share some our other photos
This is Big Thompson Canyon. I took this when we
lived in Colorado.
Keep going for the Jack update
Jack went for his 15 month check up today.

He got 4 -- count them 4 shots
Our poor baby- plus he has
been sick for a few days and he is
getting his molars.. So this
has not been a good week for Jack.
Now Serena says she feels like she is getting the crud.
I hope not-- she already has her hands full keeping
Jack busy.

Back to Jack:

He is 31 1/4" tall

and he weighs 24 lbs 10 oz

He feels a heck of a lot heavier than
that when you carry him around !!
More later

Sunday, April 29, 2007

no more jewelry

I have decided to take a break from making jewelry
My wrist and arm are feeling strange and I do not
want to do anything to put me back where I
was not able to use it .
Sooooo, for the next couple of months
I will have to find something new to do.
Hmmm does going to Texas count
as a hobby????
Yesterday we took a ride to Tennessee. Tom
was looking for a farm toy.
We left early and when we got there is was
like a chinese fire drill. Did I expect any less?
Trying to meet up with this guy was a nightmare..
back & forth - back & forth..
Finally we found him and Tom got to see
the digger toy in action..
He was not very impressed. Oh well it got us
out of the house for the day.
Today he is at Wooster working around there.
He took Foster with him and left the 2 demon
boys home with me ..
I took them out to the back yard and brushed Smokey
because it is that time of year AGAIN.. He is
throwing his winter coat and I wanted to get a
head start on the puppy seeds before they
started showing up in the house. Buddy does not
want to be brushed, so after I finish this, I am
going to try to vacuum him. This should be interesting.
More later

Friday, April 27, 2007

April in Texas

The Legends Mist Block Party
April 21,2007
John holding Jack

Water slides really are FUN !!!

cold - but fun !!!

I actually got to slide a couple of times.

Mom got shot with the water cannon--

it was funny and COLD


Me & Mama & Grandma went to the


I put my face in here and then laugh
I really love the water !!!

A little shower to cool me down


Me & my friend Matthew

Grandma & Grandpa came to visit.

I wish they lived right across the street.

I don't like it when they go home to Arkansas.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Altered Art

Click on the photo to see the detail.
She is wearing "doggie jewelry".
Necklace and Earrings by cruzlady
Notice the smile & eyelashes..

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Yesterday started off GREAT !!
I received a $200 gift card in the mail - so I thought--
hmmmm let me go SHOP !!
I have been wanting a new bedspread
and curtains/drapes - whatever.
So I go to the store where the gift card is from.
No bedspeads-- Only comforters.
I don't want a damned comforter. I don't
want to have to mess with the bedskirt issue,
the perfect centering of the comforter or the
battle over the comforter at night.
Am I the only person in the world that hates comforters??
I don't want a chennille bedspread and that is about all
you can find in any of the stores. What the hell.
This store had tons of comforters but anything
that was $200 was very light weight- flimsy-
not gonna hold up. I found one that
I could live with even if I did have
to spend another $100-- but guess what-
No matching bed skirt ..Oh no-- they are out of them.
No, they are not getting anymore..
So I go back and look again.
I don't give a shit about designer labels,
I just want something nice and not the colors
of Walt Diney throw up or gorilla puke green.
Oh, how about a nice duvet cover,
"Did I say I wanted a duvet cover"
I want a bedspread !!!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

UAMS Diet Program

This is a diet update
As of April 4th-- I have lost 28 pounds..
I know that seems like a lot but when your goal
is to lose 100# - it means I have a long
way to go.
The diet plan does work, but I am not impressed
with UAMS . The fee is $500 to get started- then every
week it is another $50 for lab work or for a 3 min .
visit with one of their doctors. Then add another
$105 for three boxes of food supplements,
and it gets damned expensive.
Averages out to about $72 a pound- and that
does not includee gas & parking fees.
Hell, I could buy several pounds of scallops
and lobster for $72 a pound !!
How much is KOBE beef??
Yesterday when I went to weigh in and give
yet another couple of vials of blood, as usual, it is like
a chinese fire drill.
The weight clinic shares space with another clinic--
so the place is always overcrowded.
When one weight loss class lets out ,
another is signing in .Now this clinic area
is where we get weighed in and see the doctor (if it
your week to see the Dr.), fill out your order for your
food supplements and if you are having blood work
you must weigh in THEN go up to the lab for the blood
draw and then get to your class on time .
Next Bitch
For all of the money we are spending,
you would think that SOMEBODY would
know where the hell the classes are.
I was told , "Go to the CR buiding 10th floor."
Ok- I know where that is -- that is where the first
12 weeks of classes were held..
Nope -- wrong-- nobody knows anything about
the BB classes . Okay , I call the weight
clinic-- SUPRISE--
I get the freaking answering machine.
Finally, one if the "instructors" tells me -- Oh no-
that class in over in the Spinal research building.
1st floor - 1st door on the right .
Back down to the 3rd floor,
across the walkway to the parking lot,
across the bridge to the hospital and into the elevator,
down to the 1st floor. Hike thru another hall, thru the
lobby and find my classroom.
This room is a storage room, a huge storage room
with cement floors, a couple of folding tables and some
cheap plastic chairs that are in danger of collapsing
with the weight of the women that are sitting on them.
I stood thru 1/2 of the class because the way the
chairs are cut, my right leg kept falling asleep.
This room has table full of broken computers, boxes of
some sort of supplies and no walls. Thats right , there is
construction foam where there should be
drywall. What a hell hole !!!
Now they run 14 classes a day. Most of the classes
have 6 to 20 people. Figure the amount of money
they are bringing in on a daily basis, plus the parking fees
they collect everytime we are there. You would think
they could at least put us in a decent room.
Most of us feel pretty bad about ourselves already,
and this does not help.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Water Baby

Mom & Dad took me to the
Splash Pad today !!

This is the coolest place
I have been to in a loooong time
I get to run around and play
and splash and just have FUN !!!

I think my Dad like the splash pad too!!
WOW !! I love this place
Why didn't anybody ever tell

me summer would be so much fun ???

I'll wear the hat if we can stay longer

The End

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wild Hogs

We went to the Rave today to
see Wild Hogs.
One of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time.
Watching them on the bikes makes me want to ride
again, and then I think about Chryl (yes the spelling
is correct) laying up in the hospital with so
many injuries, that I have to re-think that wish.
Back to the movie. What a great cast
and a great surprise ending.
I just found out that Lion King will be in Memphis.
I will check on ticket prices, but expect them to be
to much for me to feel comfortable paying.
Yes, I have gotten very cheap in my golden years.
Anybody out there been to see it ?? IS it worth the $$$
Let me know .
You really didn't think you could get an update
and no pictures of
Jack did you ??
Keep scrolling
My Mom & Dad took me
to the Easter Egg Hunt
and this really HUGE bunny was there.This is my new friend Ralphie.
I have been to his house
and he has been to mine !
Dad, Mom and me (Jack)
How Cool IS This !!!
So what do you think of my new haircut?
I like it !!