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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jack's new adventure

Yes, I know the pictures are out of order.
- - - - - - - - - - -
It is hot, I am fried so just deal with it .
Okay , I need to find a new blog site -
this one is really getting on my nerves..
It keeps locking up.
I guess I can start searching for a new one this
afternoon while I am hiding from the hot weather
* * * * * * *
Jack in Colorado
May 2010
* * * * *
Jack at his 1st day of TKD classes
* * * * *

Jack & Pa at Brians farm

Jack did great.
He is very athletic and has
endless energy.
I think this will be good for him to
learn some control

Jack got his uniform yesterday , Serena said he

was so proudwhen the instructor tied his ( white- for beginners)belt on

him for the first time.
He was so excited that he wore his uniform to the airport

to pick up Daddy. Poor kid had to be dying with it being over 100 degrees


More later, I am on a mission today,
I need to go to the bank, then off to the pet store to find something
to spray to keep the dogs off of the grass.
Lately all 3 of them have decided it is okay
to take a dump on the grass.
* * *
After that, I need to find some glass paint ..
I think Plaid brand makes some .
I put lace curtains up in the bathroom and it is like
being in a gold fish bowl, so I
want to paint the windows so they will have that etched look


Summer is here and she is a bitch
For the past 3 days heat has been 95+ witha
This is like living in the devils sauna!!!
* * * *
I want out of the oven and I want out N O W !!!
* * * * *

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tell me why the fuck I even crawled out of bed this morning?!?!?
Where to begin..
1st - Got up very early
just to get myself primed for my yearly smash-o-gram.
Had coffee , showered , got dressed. OF course no
deodorant or hairspray.
Nice -- 90 degree heat and 95% humidity.
* * *
(Keep in mind , I have had a shit week due
to bad weather and my body aching)
* * * * * * * * *
Drove to Bernice's house to deliver her tomatoes.
They are sooooo good
* * * *
Stopped at Michaels , to get a
magic wand . Jack likes magic this week.
Soooo I get my stuff walk out to my truck
No freaking keys - Back into the store
The cashier is standing there waving them at me
Now off to the smash-o-gram
OF course if you don't get to the surgical center by 7:00AM
(My appointment was for 11:30)
you are not going to get a parking spot even remotely close
to the building. So by the time I get to the building I am
sweating like a thief in church.
1 hour later , I am leaving and hiking back to my truck,
after being pushed , pulled and smashed.
* * * *
So I think I'll stop at Wally World and get the other items
needed to make That Dip.
* * * * * *
Get an electric shopping cart and off I go like
a stampeding turtle.
Get my food products and a new pair of capris
( in a SMALLER size), then
it is time to head to the deli. I place my order and the cart
starts beeping .. it is D E A D !!!
I tell the deli girl I'll be back and head to the front door
to get ANOTHER cart. I get back to the deli and the cart is screaming
like a hooker that didn't get paid .
Everybody is giving me dirty looks while I unload my stuff from the
beeping cart to the running cart.
People are still giving me "the look". I inform them, it is a
typical Wal-Mart product . I get my things loaded - tell them all
WELCOME TO WAL- MART and proceed to the check out lane.
* * * * *
I learned a long time ago, NEVER get in the shortest line .. That
means one of two things , the checker is really slow or
there is a problem.
to be continued later tonight
Saturday Morning
and the continuing bad day story
In the line ,one woman that is almost checked out , a man with a few
food items and about 30 cans of cat food , then me .
Okay , waiting waiting waiting
First woman- her check was rejected .. She must be a real
paperhanger. That takes 5 or 6 min - to get that straightened out .
She let without her "treasures".
The man has his stuff unloaded and on the conveyor,
and surprise surprise ,
a woman get in line behind me with 2 kids in the cart
and one of them is wailing like a banshee "I WANT IT"
OMG-- How much more can I take today ????
The guy in front of me swipes his debit card -- NOTHING
Swipes again and the cashier is staring at a wall.
No offer to help this man or offer to run his card
thru the register scanner. If she had a brain she was thinking
"I ams the cashier - I ams not the customer servise"
Yes, I know that rings of profiling --
* * * * * *
Finally it is my turn
Do you know you cannot see a clock from the check out lines??
So "precious" is scanning my stuff and I watch the
read out on my side because Wal-Mart has a bad
habit of shelf saying one thing , price ringing up as
something else.
BINGO!! A $5 T-shirt rang up as $9
WHOA-- take that off- I am not paying that price.
She informs me
"Ya'll gonna haves to go to customer service".
NO-- you can just scan it and take it off of the total.
"No I kent, I done totaled ya'lls order.."
Sooo the rest of the stuff in my order is free??
Whut udder stuff??
I point to about 12 items still on the belt and the
order divider that is BEHIND the balance of my "owdder"
Well I can ring that up separate and then ya'll can go to
customer service to get a refund on the t shirt.
(all this time that kid is screaming like Damien)
* * * *
At that point I lost it.
Get you manager here-- NOW !!!
"Ain't no need for that "
Oh yes there is - because I am about to totally lose it
and it is "a fixing to get ugly"
(That way she could understand I was serious)
* * * * *
She send another slow moving employee to "fetch " a CSM
The CSM shows up and I explain to her what is going on --
so she does her stuff with the keys and the register
and tells the cashier to finish the order.
I am not going to go thru this again
- you better find somebody else to finish this order.
Finally , I am checked out and on my way home
or so I thought .
* * * * *
Time to get more coffee and do a few things around here,
I'll finish this later